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Farm Intruder Alarms

Keep Your Yard, Machinery and buildings safe with a Intruder alarm from us.

Alarms for farms, secure your farm from break-ins with our reliable and easy to use security solution. With various sensors, beams, and a mobile app - you can easily control your farm intruder alarm system with the touch of a button. No more worrying about farm security - just sit back, we will professionally install a intruder alarm system which protects your livelihood , we will connect the system to your mobile phone, you will then receive alerts for arming and disarming and when an intruder is present in your farm! With our farm intruder alarm system, you'll never have to worry about intruders ever again.

Farm Alarm Installers covering a wide area including Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire and beyond wherever you are give us a call we might be able to help!

Farm Intruder

Rapid Deployment Wireless Alarm System

High Performance Wireless Intruder Alarm

We use the Ajax wireless alarm system for most of our Farm installations, the Ajax alarm system is very flexible and very reliable it works very well in rural areas. It is rapidly deployable with a basic installation up and running in a few hours. 

One of the reasons we use the Ajax wireless alarm system is its high power long range wireless. The system can easily cover a very large area of 1 km or more. Using range extenders Ajax claims a wireless range of over 30km.

Our alarm installations can combine internal and external detection devices helping to make your farm as secure as possible. If you already have a exsisitng alarm system we can normally make use of this and incorporate it into the Ajax alarm system.

The Ajax alarm system is possibly the easiest alarm system to use we have come across, the app is very simple to use and gives you a overview of your system. You can arm certain areas with just one touch on your smartphone. We can set up areas for example all external detectors on one area and all internal detectors on another area. The App also lets you know of any intrusion and exactly which sensor triggered the alert.

Remote monitoring of your alarm is great if your farm has a number of different key holders. The alarm receiving centre will call the numbers on the keyholder list in the event of a intruder alarm activation.

We don’t just install your alarm then run. We will look after your alarm system in the long run, servicing, repairs, expanding we will be there for you. The beauty of the Ajax alarm system is that in the event of any faults we know when you know. So we will be arranging a engineer visit before you even pick up the phone.

The Right Detection devices

External Detection

External detection is probably the most important aspect of a farm security system. If the alarm sounds as soon as an intruder has stepped foot on your farm, the chances are they will leg it before any theft can occur. We use a wide range of detection devices covering every possible site and almost every budget.

Infrared alarm beams make an effective perimeter alarm system that can detect intruders that pass through the beam. This technology uses invisible infrared light emitted from one unit to another to determine if anything is intruding into its surveillance area. They are very effective perimeter detection devices and will alert as soon as a intruder crosses the beam. Infrared alarm beams are reliable and high performance making them a popular choice for perimeter protection solutions. When beams are installed correctly the false alarm issue is minimal.

External movement detectors are important for farm security. These sensors detect an intruder's presence and will sound an alarm before the intruder can gain access to your property. External alarm sensors are easy to install and cost effective, providing an extra layer of security for your farm and its valuable assets. An external alarm movement sensor is a great way to ensure your property and livestock stays safe from trespassers, without having to actively monitor them at all times. Using the long range of the wireless alarm system we can deploy these movement sensors into fields and gateways even if there is no power nearby. These make an effective driveway alarm or wireless driveway alarm depending on which sensor we use.

Protect your gates with a gate alarm external contact. As soon as the gate is opened the alarm will sound. We can also set a driveway alert so you know if someone has entered the farm.

Quad bikes and smaller agricultural vehicles are often a target for theft. We can place movement sensors on the vehicle so if the vehicle moves when the alarm is set then alarm sounds. These are very cost effective sensors which are very effective at raising the alarm.

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Protect your buildings

Intenal Detection 

From workshops to chemical stores, fertiliser sheds and machinery barns - all need protection against potential thieves. With the costly rises in fertilisers and chemicals, it's essential that robust security measures are put in place so you can have peace of mind while your not in the yard. Our detection devices give farms an extra layer of defence by safeguarding these vital buildings around-the-clock.

Internal movement sensor detect movement and heat causing the alarm to trigger. We use various different sensors depending on the building we are protecting, but fundsmentally they all give the same result, anyone entering the building when the alarm is set causes the intruder alarm to activate.

Roller doors and other heavy duty doors can be protected with heavy duty door contacts causing a alarm if they detect the opening of the door.

A simple magnetic door contact will detect the opening of the door causing the intruder alarm to sound.

Scare off Intruders

Lights and Sounds

Often overlooked when specifying a intruder alarm system is the audio and visual deterrent of the security system. We install a range of options from the traditional alarm sounder to master blasters and flashing lights. Noise and lights are an effective way of warning off intruders. 

This is the standard external sounder which comes with all of our alarms. It has a 113db sounder and also a light to act a deterrent. 

Master Blasters work really well to scare off intruders, the noise they make can be heard from far away. Watch our video to see.

We can have your intruder alarm activate your yard lights. Intruders love darkness as they can hide. But when high power floodlights come on along with your alarm sounder they really do run.

We can install flashing lights to activate when the alarm is set or to activate when the alarm is triggered. Both add an extra layer of deterent.

Why Install a Intruder Alarm on a Farm

If you own a farm or rural property, you need to be aware of the potential security risks from rural crime. From theft to vandalism, there are many threats that can occur on your property. One way to protect yourself and your property is by investing in an intruder alarm system. Here are the benefits of doing so.

Installing an intruder alarm system is one of the most effective ways to protect your farm from theft and vandalism. By monitoring all areas of your property, you can help ensure that any suspicious activity is detected quickly and acted on immediately. An alarm system can also deter potential criminals from targeting your property in the first place as they know they will be at risk of being caught if they do so.

If you have an intruder alarm system installed on your farm, this may reduce your insurance premiums. Many insurers offer discounts for households with security systems, and farms are no exception. By installing an intruder alarm system, you could potentially save money on your insurance costs over time. 

The most important benefit of having an intruder alarm system is peace of mind. Knowing that your farm is securely protected against unwanted intruders gives you reassurance that it is safe when you are away or asleep at night. You’ll also have access to 24/7 monitoring services if there ever were a problem on the premises which means help will always be available if needed. 

Investing in an intruder alarm system for your farm can help protect it from theft and vandalism while providing peace of mind that it is secure 24/7. Not only this, but it may also lower your insurance premiums over time due to discounts offered by insurers for households with security systems such as these. All-in-all, investing in a good quality intruder alarm system has many advantages for farm owners looking to safeguard their properties from unwanted intruders.

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